Fotografie: Bart Grietens
 Foto: Bart Grietens
  Foto: Bart Grietens
  Foto: Bart Grietens
COINCIDE is an exhibition based on the eternal desire to connect. To be together. To be part of the things around you. To be part of something bigger than life. Anoek Oostermeijer explores the universal longing for togetherness, by  transforming her most personal relationships into art.
Anoek Oostermeijer: “The immeasurable fear of being alone forever, in my own body and mind, generates the urge to coincide with somebody else. To become one. Starting with the people who are closest to me: the ones with whom I’ve shared the same womb. Then the rest of my family, my best friends, my lovers, I carry them within me. In my work I explore how these relationships interact with the social structures in the world. Someone once asked me if the ultimate consequence of my work was cannibalism?”
While being aware of the constant exchange between everything within us and everything outside of us, we can only share what we are.
COINCIDE is an invitation to (re)view your own relationships and reality from a slightly different perspective.
Anoek Oostermeijer (°1995) graduated as a director from the Toneelacademie Maastricht (in 2019).
Concept en uitvoering: Anoek Oostermeijer
Coaching: Roos van Geffen 
''Oostermeijer doet dat in een zoektocht naar verbondenheid. Met de opgezette, eigenwijze ex-kat Bo, maar ook met haar naasten, die we tegenkomen in haar beeldende, intrigerende theatrale universum.''
- Karin Veraart, Volkskrant